What logs etc do I need tocheckfrequently?

Joachim Dagerot joachim at dagerot.nu
Sun Dec 28 00:21:24 PST 2003

 | > As you with good memories know, I lost 3000 pictures of my first
 | > first year this month. I did have a RAID-5 system with fresh
 | > however, shit happens and I have a feeling that this could have
 | > avoided if I read my log files better.
 | I'm sorry that you lost data.
 | While you may have been able to notice the problem with the RAID-5
array in 
 | time to do something, what you ought to do to avoid losing more
data sometime 
 | in the future involves making good backups-- not poring over the
system log 
 | files, not configuring RAID.

I realise you are right. The thing is that this is a home system and I
have (had!) around 230 GB of data that was non-replicable. I am not
aware of a deasent backup system that can handle that amount of data.
I will post another question about this later on.

Thanks for your answers!

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