Mouse problems in XFree86

Odd Rune Strømmen oddrune at
Sun Dec 21 02:11:41 PST 2003

>    All,
>    I've installed FreeBSD 4.7-Release, everything is fine. When
>    configuring the mouse deamon with /stand/sysinstall, the mouse works
>    correctly. Configuration of XFree86 server works fine aswell.
>    When I load my KDE wm with startx (or with KDM), I have a problem with
>    my mouse. Whenever I move the mouse, it goes back to the upper left
>    corner of my screen - which makes the mouse useless and makes it also
>    impossible to run KDE. I've already tried with other window managers
>    (GNOME) but the same problem happens.
>    Plain old serial mouse connected to com1.
>    What do I need to do to solve this problem?
>    Thanks in advance.
>    Alain
>      _________________________________________________________________

Try to set the "mouse type" option in your XF86Config file to "Auto".
That should do the trick.

Odd Rune Strømmen

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