Vinum error "Can't initialize drive a: Invalid argument"

Marc Smits msmits at
Fri Dec 19 08:34:26 PST 2003


I am running FreeBSD-4.7-realease and want to create a striped plex from 
2 new 80Gb disks.

Here's my vinum-description:
 drive a device /dev/ad2s1e
 drive b device /dev/ad3s1e
 volume stripe0
 plex org striped 256k
 sd length 78159m drive a
 sd length 78159m drive b

When I run 'vinum create vinum.conf' The message I get is:
    1: drive a device /dev/ad2s1e
 ** 1 Can't initialize drive a: Invalid argument
    2: drive b device /dev/ad3s1e
 ** 2 Can't initialize drive b: Invalid argument
 0 drives:
 1 volumes:
 V stripe0               State: down     Plexes:       1 Size:        

 1 plexes:
 P stripe0.p0          S State: faulty   Subdisks:     2 Size:        

 2 subdisks:
 S stripe0.p0.s0         State: crashed  PO:        0  B Size:         
 S stripe0.p0.s1         State: crashed  PO:      256 kB Size:         

I used sysinstall to fdisk and label the partitions. 

What do need to do diffrent to get vinum to use the partitions?

Help is greatly appreciated.

Grtz, Henk

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