using ldap for multiple fbsd servers

David Bear David.Bear at
Wed Dec 17 08:55:27 PST 2003

I have evolved into using freebsd for work group servers over the past
years and am now wanting to tie them all together with a synchronized
user and group data base.  I know NIS has been around and may be
considered too unsafe.  I've read of rsync'ing master.password and
group around.. but I think I want to go with ldap.

The first goal is to glue all my fbsd machines togther with shared
passwd/group.  Then, to include linux clients.  Then, to include
windows machines via samba -

I'm looking for good HOWTO's on doing this.  googling freebsd and ldap
gives more than 159000 hits.. So, I'm hoping there is someone here
who's knows of a 'good' writeup.

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