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samy lancher washville2003 at
Mon Dec 15 12:48:09 PST 2003

Josh Paetzel <friar_josh at> wrote:
On Mon, Dec 15, 2003 at 12:03:23PM -0800, samy lancher wrote:
> Hello all,
> I have 4.5 freebsd server with apache, php and mysql. i wrote a simple php program using mail(). The mail() function returns true without any error. but the problem is the email is never delivered. I viewed the log file for mail(/var/log/maillog) and i saw the following error:
> Server sendmail[351]:NOQUEUE:SYSERR(www):can not chdir(/var/spool/clientmqueue/): Permission denied.
> I would be really thankful if someone could tell me where i am doing wrong. 
> In php.ini, i have set sendmail_path = "/usr/sbin/sendmail".
> thanks in advance.
> Naveen.

In PHP, mail() will always return true as long as it was able to successfully 
communicate with the mailserver. As you have seen, that has very little to do 
with whether or not your email will go through correctly or not. ;)

Your error is coming because sendmail runs setuid, in this case to www, and 
www doesn't have write permissions to /var/spool/clientmqueue.

Josh Paetzel


thanks josh and martin for quick response.

the persmissions on clientmqueue is as follows

drwxrwx_ _ _ smmsp smmsp clientmqueue

could you please tell me what changes i need to make. IMPORTANT thing is my email server is working fine, i use sendmail MTA and outlook MUA. I am able to send emails and view my received emails in outlook through my server.



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