(Yet Another) Home Networking Question

Rishi Chopra rchopra at cal.berkeley.edu
Fri Dec 12 18:45:10 PST 2003

Here's my setup:

ISP         FreeBSD Gateway         Win2k Box

ALL         DHCP

rl0 is connected to the modem by ethernet and set
for DHCP, the ISP's method of address asignment.

rl1 is the second NIC in the BSD box, and is connected
by crossover cable to the Win2k box.

FreeBSD box and Win2k box can successfully ping each
other, and FreeBSD box has working internet access.
Everything has been freshly rebooted.

Unfortunately, Win2k box cannot ping computers outside
the local network.  I'd like to share my internet connection
(currently on my FreeBSD box only) with the Win2k box. 
Using a few articles I found on Google Groups, I got as far
as this:

FreeBSD Machine:

(0) Generic Kernel, machine enabled as gateway using sysinstall,
    No firewall enabled (yet)

(1) in /etc/rc.conf, I added the following
  natd_interface="rl0" ### public interface connected to cable modem
  defaultrouter="" ###  LAN machines use this
  ifconfig_rl0="DHCP"  ### Astound uses dhcp
  ifconfig_rl1="inet netmask" ### use for LAN

(2) in /etc/resolv.conf, DNS servers from ISP are listed automatically:

(3) in /etc/hosts, (within the  netmask): idfubar.dyndns.org computer.dyndns.org

Win2k Machine:

(1) start-network&dialupConnections
  IP address
  subnet mask
  default gateway
  preferred DNS server  
  alternate DNS server

What else do I need in order to get my Win2k box surfing?

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