Priority Notification - Potential UK Lottery Winner

Susan Kennedy winthelotto at
Thu Dec 11 08:59:43 PST 2003

Congratulations!  This Special Notice confirms that you have been
pre-selected to apply for membership of a brand new Worldwide way of
playing the UK National Lottery.

The UK Lotto Game has one of the World's biggest tax free, lump sum
jackpots. The draws are made twice a week on Wednesdays and Saturdays.
Jackpots can often reach £20,000,000 with total prize funds topping

Camelot Official statistics show that two thirds of all major wins are
claimed by syndicates. This is an important key factor to improving your
chances, but we wanted to improve the odds even more.

Choosing to play the UK National Lottery with a Worldwide Syndicate, you
not only improve your chances to win the BIG prizes, you also win MORE
money for 2 ball (unique new way to win), 3 ball, 4 ball, 4 ball plus bonus
ball (unique new way to win) and 5 ball wins.

Your own personal multi-win Worldwide syndicate card has already been
pre-selected and will offer you the following seven benefits:

Here is the first benefit... If you personally had 44 single line entries
in the UK National Lotto on Wednesday and Saturday the cost per week would
be £88.00, but with this little card, you receive 88 single line entries in
a multi-win Worldwide syndicate for just £5.00.

Here's the second benefit... you win a new unique Worldwide syndicate prize
by matching just two main lotto draw numbers.

Here’s the third benefit... you win more than the usual £10.00 when you
match three main lotto draw numbers.

Here’s the fourth benefit... you win lots more than playing on your own
when you match four main lotto draw numbers.

Here’s the fifth benefit... when you match four main lotto draw numbers
plus the bonus ball the difference in winnings is enormous.

Here’s the sixth benefit... You can play from ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD!

If you were playing on your own in the UK National Lotto and matched four
numbers and the bonus ball you would have won the four-ball prize of £56.00.

Playing the same numbers in our winning multi-win Worldwide syndicate EACH
member received £2,843.67! (Based on actual syndicate win)

I guess by now you must be ready to get your card!

Okay, here is the seventh benefit...

Just 5 balls scoops the jackpot!

To get the ball rolling (if you pardon the pun!) simply send a blank e
mailto:uklottohq at and we'll show you how to get more from
the UK National Lotto.

UK Lotto players must be 16 or over to play.

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