How to make printer print faster?

Mark Terribile materribile at
Thu Dec 11 08:58:13 PST 2003

Marco Beizhuizen writes:

> I did notice an increase of speed (when I changed the resolution from
> 600x600 to 300x300) of data sent to the printer. Probably due to the
> decrease of the amount of data sent. But it didn't influence the speed of
> printing itself, so no 10ppm but more like a few ppm with a pause between
> each page.

One additional piece of data: on my USB1.1-connected Epson s-C82 under CUPS:
Every six or eight passes the printer pauses.  During this interval, the
computer's CPU usage spikes.  It looks as though there is some critical place
without needed double bufferring.  I don't know what this might do to a laser
printer, which needs to have room to stop and start, and may hold data back
if it sees that a stop is soon likely.  One of these days, when the world comes
to a stop and I can take a breath, I'm going to have a look at that and see if
I can fix it.

    Mark Terribile

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