I can't connect to internet. Plz help me

Peter Risdon peter at circlesquared.com
Wed Dec 10 13:33:07 PST 2003

nil ban wrote:

>sp gave me to 
>use for having mail and surfing internet like 
>trumvect at myispname.net and my mail servers
>names are mail.myisp.com(pop3)and smtp.mail.com.
>I tried using kpp and I could connect to my isp ( I am telling this
>because pppd does run ) 
Do that then, once you are "connected", type:


if you get no packets back, it's a problem with your ppp settings. If 
you do get packets back, type:

ping www.yahoo.com

if you get no packets back, it's your DNS settings. Look at 
/etc/resolv.conf - you should see at least one line like this:

nameserver ip.address.of.nameserver

If you don't add such a line (or two) with valid nameservers. Your ISP 
should give you such settings. If they haven't, you could use:


but only temporarily - it's a Worldcom/MCI nameserver and might not live 

Oh, and set a hostname. (see man hostname).


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