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Jonathan T. Sage sagejona at theatre.msu.edu
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Andrew Boothman wrote:

> Steve Bertrand wrote:
>> Sftp is great, and also loaded up by default is 'scp', which is the
>> Secure 'copy' program. From *nix to *nix, it is an effective way to copy
>> files to/from remote computers just as if they were local file systems:
>>> From local to remote
>> # scp thisfile steve at remote.domain.com:/home/steve
>> and to copy from remote to local:
>> # scp steve at remote.domain.com:/home/steve/thisfile /home/steve
> Agreed - I use scp a lot for copying files and directories between 
> machines.
> There's also a great command-line scp client available for windows 
> called pscp available from http://www.putty.org.uk/download.html along 
> with PuTTY itself which is IMHO the best free windows SSH client available.
> Andrew

Additionally, there is winscp, http://winscp.sourceforge.net/eng/ which 
is a windows scp and sftp intereface, optionally importing it's setting 
from putty.

As a pre-warning, to avoid chasing the bugs i did when i decided to use 
sftp, sftp and scp require a clean login, so if you for instance run a 
shell script from your .profile (or similar), make sure it only runs on 
interactive logins.


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