Chris Shenton chris at
Mon Dec 8 08:54:48 PST 2003

Andrew Boothman <andrew at> writes:

> They are *really* thin clients that really only consist of a
> monitor, mouse and keyboard and rely on their host server for
> everything else. That's not an architecture that you're going to get
> FreeBSD to run under I wouldn't think.

I'm quite happily running FreeBSD-5.1 on a diskless VIA system: just
cpu, ram, ethernet, screen: it netboots then mounts partitions from my
main machine via NFS.  Very nice: zero noise, reliable, no sysadm
duties.  The diskless support for 5.1 is really quite nice; man

In the past, I've run NetBSD diskless on Sun IPX and ELC systems.

I suspect that if the SunRays do a PXE boot then they can be given
addresses by DHCP, boot files via TFTP, and filesystems via NFS --
just like any other diskless client.

I don't know if FreeBSD runs on SunRay's CPU, however.

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