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On Sat, Dec 06, 2003 at 10:31:17PM +0000, Andrew Boothman wrote:
> cloper wrote:
> >I have a few SUNRay thin clients that I would like to use on something 
> >other than Solaris. Has anyone successfully used these under BSD? Does 
> >anyone have any ideas what so ever?
> I've seen an installation of about 30 SunRays before and I seem to 
> remember thinking that they needed specialised software from Sun running 
> under Solaris in order to work. They are *really* thin clients that 
> really only consist of a monitor, mouse and keyboard and rely on their 
> host server for everything else. That's not an architecture that you're 
> going to get FreeBSD to run under I wouldn't think.
> I'd like to be proved wrong however. Perhaps the rays just provide an X 
> Server or somesuch and you could persuade them to display the output of 
> XFree86 under FreeBSD?
> I don't know enough detail to say for sure - do some investigating then 
> come back and tell us all!

This is true. You will not be able to install anything on SunRay.
You need a SunRay server which is a software run on top of Solaris.
SunRays are thin clients - CPU, some RAM, I/O devices and ethernet card.
They authenticate to the server via MAC address, the session is on the
real server and everyting is passed via ethernet cable.

There is a software for Windows though, but I can't remember the name,
so you could connect your SunRay to Windows server.

You can't run FreeBSD on SunRay.

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