Barry Skidmore skidmore at worldvenue.org
Mon Dec 8 08:54:27 PST 2003

UPS: Back-UPS 650, serial interface
Cable: 940-0020B

With the above setup apcupsd detects a power failure, but not a return
of power, and thus does not send a notification email.

Also, apcupsd does not halt the system.  I noticed in the docs that for
this to work on FreeBSD you need a Smart UPS, and use the
--kill-on-powerfail option at the command line.  Since I do not have a
Smart UPS, I have not tried this option.

My question is what model number of APC UPS is working well for you with
apcupsd 3.10.6 

My current setup did work fine with Red Hat 9.0 and upcupsd 3.8.0, so I
do not think this is an issue with the cable.

On Mon, 2003-12-08 at 01:22, Robert Huff wrote:
> Hello:
> >  Are there any users of apcupsd on the list?  If so, please
> >  respond to me privately.  I have a question about recommended
> >  UPS's that work well with FreeBSD.
> 	There are.  :-)
> 	QHat's the question?
> 				Robert Huff

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