moving vinum disks

Greg 'groggy' Lehey grog at
Wed Dec 3 15:09:26 PST 2003

On Wednesday,  3 December 2003 at 16:54:05 -0500, Matt Gostick wrote:
> I have a concatenated 2 drives together to make 1 large disk using
> vinum.  Did this last year or something like that and haven't touched it
> since...
> I wish to move my vinum disks to another computer, but I really don't
> want to lose any information.  So I want to ask from someone who has
> done this, instead of just trusting myself to read the manpage
> correctly.  Don't get me wrong, I have read the manpage, but if I lose
> this data I will kick myself, hard.  Unfortunately I don't have enough
> storage space anywhere else to do a full backup...
> my vinum config is this:
> drive d1 device /dev/ad2s1e
> drive d2 device /dev/ad3s1e
> volume tank
>   plex org concat
>     sd length 0 drive d1
>     sd length 0 drive d2

This isn't important.

> To complicate matters, I wish to add another drive, but from what I
> understand I cannot add another drive without reformatting all of
> them, correct?


It's always better to make a backup, and there's always the danger
that something will go wrong when you rebuild hardware, but basically
this is what you need to do:

1.  Put the disks in the system, anywhere.
2.  Start the system.
3.  Start Vinum.

Your data should be found automatically.  It's a good idea to do an
fsck -n on the data to make sure it's OK.  Make sure you use the -n
option; if you do find a way to confuse Vinum, it will be very
confused, and you don't want to write anything back to the volume
until you're sure Vinum knows what it's doing.

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