Order of Creation of Partitions

William Blum wblum at gemair.com
Wed Dec 3 14:17:26 PST 2003

Barry Skidmore wrote:
> I am preparing to do a fresh install of 4.9-RELEASE, and read in the
> Handbook the following recommended partitions, and the order in which
> they should be created:
> /
> swap
> /var
> /tmp
> /usr
> I would like to have two additional partitions, but do not see in the
> Handbook their ordering, relative to the above:
> /boot
> /home
> Thanks,
> Barry

Hi there, Barry...

If you're going to create separate partitions for /boot and /home, it 
seems that the following order would make sense:


HOWEVER, given that the default installation of FreeBSD seems to have 
/home as a link to /usr/home, I'd be highly reluctant to depart from 
that, and just keep the user home directories where they belong, in 

Your mileage may vary.
Bill Blum
"Space isn't remote at all.  It's only a hours drive away if your car 
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