Why people are not satisfied with FreeBSD?

Micheal Patterson micheal at cancercare.net
Sat Aug 30 08:39:12 PDT 2003

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Subject: Why people are not satisfied with FreeBSD?

> Hi!
> Looking  at  the  field MAILER of e-mails' headers, I see that there a
> lot  of  people here who are using mail programs like Outlook, Eudora,
> Mozilla    for   win32. This means that they run windows systems.   So
> I'm  asking why still a lot of people here who hadn't move to FreeBSD?
> Are  there  any  common  reasons  of why people are not satisfied with
> FreeBSD? Why do they still prefer windows?
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I would say for starters the lack of commercial software support for
FreeBSD. Personally, I'm a gamer. I've got too much invested currently in
software to just switch my desktop to FreeBSD totally. Once there is a
stable Windows emulation that will allow for my software to run on XFree,
I'd probably switch in a heartbeat.


Micheal Patterson
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