Ghost for FreeBSD

Mike Tancsa mike at
Sat Aug 30 07:35:40 PDT 2003

Sorry, didnt mean to hit send so quickly.  What I meant to say is that g4u 
will do what you want.  Also, take a look at just plain old dump and 
restore.  If you want to have an image of what is on your partition as well 
as have incremental backups it works really well too.


At 10:29 AM 30/08/2003 -0400, Mike Tancsa wrote:
>take a look at g4u/ It works really well
>         ---Mike
>At 03:02 PM 30/08/2003 +0200, Stefan Malte Schumacher wrote:
>>Well, just like the subject says I am for a program or a backup approach
>>simillar to the one I am currently using. I boot with a Dos-Bootdisk and
>>use Ghost to backup my Linux-Partitions to a FAT-Partition and then
>>distribute the images around different computers on the network. I would
>>like to be able to something like this with FreeBSD. I have had a look at
>>Ghost 4 Unix but this is mainly oriented towards deploying images via the
>>network while I just want to store the files locally. The advantage of Ghost
>>and Ghost4Unix is that is is very easy to restore the system even if it so
>>messed up that it wont boot. How can I do this ?
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