Trouble setting up multiple boot on big disk

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Fri Aug 29 22:04:43 PDT 2003

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>I'm setting up a laptop which will need to dual-boot Windows 2000 >Server
(ugh!) and FreeBSD. I partitioned the large (60 GB) hard disk >so that
there was an 18 GB NTFS partition at the beginning, followed >by a 20
GB partition for data, followed by an 18 GB partition for >FreeBSD. But
when I attempted to install FreeBSD, the disk labeling >utility wouldn't
let me divide the 18 GB partition (or "slice," in >traditional UNIX parlance)
into file systems ("partitions" in UNIX >parlance). I get an error message
that says I can't do it because >something's "too big."
>What limitation am I hitting, and how do I get around it?
>--Brett Glass

I just had this same problem two days ago. I had initially formatted
the FreeBSD partition as Fat32 with Partition Magic while dividing up
the disk. The installer spat out the same complaint, something about
the slice being "too big." To fix it, I went back in and removed the
Fat32 formatting and left the partition unformatted. This worked, and
the error messages stopped.
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