2 x Promise raid controllers.

Frank Skovboel ghost at image.dk
Fri Aug 29 22:01:17 PDT 2003

Hi There,

I have some problems with freebsd 5.1 and 2 promise raid controllers. I have
been searching the net but not found any usefull information.

promise TX2000 with 4 60Gig disks (old)  (raid0)
promise TX2000 with 4 120Gig disks (new)  (raid0)

After installing the 2nd promise raid controller, I still only get 1 post
bios picture, but if I enter I can configure the harddisks on both
controllers. I have configured the disks in 2 raids (raid0). But after I
boot when I look in /dev/ all I find is ar0 there is no ar1 (which used to
be there when I had a promise and highpoint controller in the machine). I
mounted the old raid which as always was named ar0s1c (240Gig). Then I used
fdisk to check the settings on ar0 which showed 480 gig avaliable (the
amount on the new raid controller), but did not show any used space on ar0.
This is what trickered my alarm, it seems that I can't find the old raid
slice when I use fdisk, so if I setup the unused space what would happend to
the old raid (which contains data) on ar0?

I can see all the harddisks in /stand/sysinstall under fdisk and in my

How can I configure my 2nd raid without losing any data on the first one?
Should I see an ar1 device or is freebsd seeing both controllers as one?

Below is some snippets from my dmesg:

atapci1: <Promise PDC20271 UDMA133 controller> port
0xac00-0xac0f,0xa800-0xa803,0xa400-0xa407,0xa000-0xa003,0x9c00-0x9c07 mem
0xd7000000-0xd700ffff irq 11 at device 8.0 on pci0
ata2: at 0x9c00 on atapci1
ata3: at 0xa400 on atapci1


atapci2: <Promise PDC20271 UDMA133 controller> port
0xc000-0xc00f,0xbc00-0xbc03,0xb800-0xb807,0xb400-0xb403,0xb000-0xb007 mem
0xd7010000-0xd701ffff irq 11 at device 11.0 on pci0
ata4: at 0xb000 on atapci2
ata5: at 0xb800 on atapci2


ad0: 38166MB <ST340014A> [77545/16/63] at ata0-master UDMA66
ad4: 117246MB <Maxtor 6Y120L0> [238216/16/63] at ata2-master UDMA133
ad5: 117246MB <Maxtor 6Y120L0> [238216/16/63] at ata2-slave UDMA133
ad6: 117246MB <Maxtor 6Y120L0> [238216/16/63] at ata3-master UDMA133
ad7: 117246MB <Maxtor 6Y120L0> [238216/16/63] at ata3-slave UDMA133
ad8: 58644MB <IBM-DTLA-307060> [119150/16/63] at ata4-master UDMA100
ad9: 58644MB <IBM-DTLA-307060> [119150/16/63] at ata4-slave UDMA100
ad10: 58644MB <IBM-DTLA-307060> [119150/16/63] at ata5-master UDMA100
ad11: 58644MB <IBM-DTLA-307060> [119150/16/63] at ata5-slave UDMA100
ar0: 468987MB <ATA RAID0 array> [59787/255/63] status: READY subdisks:
 disk0 READY on ad8 at ata4-master
 disk1 READY on ad10 at ata5-master
 disk2 READY on ad9 at ata4-slave
 disk3 READY on ad11 at ata5-slave
Opened disk ad4 -> 1
Opened disk ad4 -> 1
Opened disk ad5 -> 1
Opened disk ad5 -> 1
Opened disk ad6 -> 1
Opened disk ad6 -> 1
Opened disk ad7 -> 1
Opened disk ad7 -> 1
Opened disk ad8 -> 1
Opened disk ad8 -> 1
Opened disk ad9 -> 1
Opened disk ad9 -> 1
Opened disk ad10 -> 1
Opened disk ad10 -> 1
Opened disk ad11 -> 1
Opened disk ad11 -> 1

Frank Skovboel

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