firewire vs IDE DVD.

Adam K Kirchhoff adamk at
Mon Aug 25 08:18:19 PDT 2003

I'm hoping someone can help me out here.

I recently moved a firewire card and DVD drive that had been in my FreeBSD
box to another computer.  I replaced it with an IDE DVD drive.  The
probelm is that now I can't get mplayer or vlc to play any DVDs that had
previously worked with the firewire drive.

I have, of course, made sure that /dev/dvd is a symbolic link to /dev/acd0
instead of /dev/cd0 (as it used to be).  The only difference that I can
think of is that FreeBSD sees the firewire drive as a scsi drive and sees
the ide drive as an ide drive.  Is DVD playback just not supported on IDE
drives on FreeBSD -CURRENT?


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