Evolution Message Summary View

William Bloom wbloom at eldocomp.com
Sun Aug 24 15:33:45 PDT 2003

I've just installed the Evolution 1.4.4 port and I'm generally pleased,
with reservations.  I've encountered the inbox permission problem
reported in other posts to freebsd-questions, but also I've noticed that
there seems to be a date/time formatting problem in the message summary
view that's not been mentioned in earlier posts.  For that matter, I've
seen nothing referencing this problem in the issue list at
http://developer.ximian.org/projects/evolution.  The symptom is that a
message's date/time is shown as expected when the view is first
displayed after Evolution startup.  But if -any- other view is displayed
(i.e. Summary), then on return to the message summary the date/times all
are evidently displayed with a UTC time offset (0) instead of the
correct one.  Once this occurs, the date/time never returns to the
current offset until Evolution is stopped and restarted.  Has anyone
else seen this as well, or know a workaround?


William Bloom <wbloom at eldocomp.com> (602) 604-3100
Eldorado Computing, Inc.  5353 North 16th Street, Suite 400
Phoenix, Az 85016  http://www.eldocomp.com


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