Is this disk toast ?

Luke Kearney lukek at
Sun Aug 24 09:02:47 PDT 2003

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> lukek wrote:
> > I have tried re-formatting this disk and even whacked it into a winblows
> > with the hope of writing out another partition table but no luck thus
> >
> > Can someone give me some ideas on what to do about this ?
> Start my making sure your machine has the latest BIOS flashed, then check
> whether you can set the drive to "LBA" mode rather than, say, "auto".  If
> hardware is having problems identifying the drive geometry properly, this
> help.  Then use /stand/sysinstall to repartition the disk, although you
> also use FDISK from DOS as a last resort.  Sometimes creating a small
(10MB) DOS
> partition before installing FreeBSD also helps resolve disk geometry
> [ If you can't partition the drive even via MS-DOS' FDISK, you most likely
> a hardware problem. ]

I think the problem has turned out to be more fundamental than a bios issue.
After fiddling around for a while I go the disk
reporting the right size in the bios but my issues still persist. I am
trying to create a vinum stripe of 200gb using three 80gb drives.
What is happening is that once I get the bios right and vinum creates the
array without error I then try to copy a very large dir to this machine
rsync. Just because I am cursed the server then freezes, I mean nothing, no
keyboard at the terminal ssh connections die kind of die.
I have fooled around with these disks and am at wits end with it.  The
drives are set for LBA FWIW. I cannot see why this cp dies on me. If it were
one bad disk then I could replace it but as things stand every disk now
stands suspect ;-(


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