Is this disk toast ?

Chuck Swiger cswiger at
Sun Aug 24 08:50:35 PDT 2003

lukek wrote:
> I have tried re-formatting this disk and even whacked it into a winblows box
> with the hope of writing out another partition table but no luck thus far.
> Can someone give me some ideas on what to do about this ?

Start my making sure your machine has the latest BIOS flashed, then check
whether you can set the drive to "LBA" mode rather than, say, "auto".  If your
hardware is having problems identifying the drive geometry properly, this may
help.  Then use /stand/sysinstall to repartition the disk, although you could
also use FDISK from DOS as a last resort.  Sometimes creating a small (10MB) DOS
partition before installing FreeBSD also helps resolve disk geometry problems.

[ If you can't partition the drive even via MS-DOS' FDISK, you most likely have
a hardware problem. ]


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