cvsup problems

Bsd Neophyte bsdneophyte at
Thu Aug 21 17:09:43 PDT 2003

I've done a fresh install of FreeBSD 4.8 on my Dual p3-700 box.  I've been
having a lot of problems, which i'll outline progressively.  However, at
the moment, I'm having some issues with cvsup.

I've been trying to update my ports and sources and I keep running into
problems.  I've deleted the entire ports-all/ src-all/ and docs-all/
directories and tried to start from scratch, but that didn't resolve

I get different error messages.  Here's some output of what's going on now
(the first error is VERY common):


TreeList failed: Network write failure: Connetion closed
Detailer failed: Network write failure: Connection closed
Will retry at 08:14:58

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