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James Igoe raine_31 at
Thu Aug 21 14:34:09 PDT 2003


I am unable to install freebsd with the ISOs that were provided on the 
freebsd ftp site. I have burned them onto a cd and I have attempted to boot 
from them. However, I have found that they will not boot. I am working on a 
i386 architecture, using both a p3 450mhz, 384MB RAM, ameritech bios box and 
a celeron 1ghz 384MB RAM with a dell bios laptop. I have checked the boot 
sequences and have corrected them so thatg they boot fromt he cd rom.  I'm 
sure this is just me being rather stupid in some way, but, any guidance that 
you could provide would be lovely.

James Igoe

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