SMTP attempt?

Dan Strick strick at
Thu Aug 21 02:25:01 PDT 2003

> I've been noticing a lot of the following the last week:
> Aug 21 01:00:01 kongemord /kernel: Connection attempt to TCP
> from
> I can't figure out what's trying to connect to the SMTP port. I've got 
> sendmail turned off, so there's nothing listening at port 25. 
> Bob Hall

Recent sendmail configurations route all local email through the sendmail
daemon that usually listens on port 25.  There was a "security" reason
for the change.  Since local email is essential, for example for reporting
the results of the "daily" scripts run out of crontab, you should either
reenable your sendmail daemon on port 25 or reconfigure your local email
to not route everything through the daemon.  There are instructions
for doing this somewhere in the sendmail documentation.  I think it
involves hacking /etc/mail/

Note: the sendmail binary that comes with FreeBSD was built with libwrap.a
support.  That means it obeys /etc/hosts.allow and can be told to reject
all non-local connections to port 25.

Dan Strick
strick at

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