Portupgrade questions

Charles Howse chowse at charter.net
Tue Aug 19 14:26:30 PDT 2003


Now that I am ready to start installing applications, I have read *some*
of the documentation in man portupgrade and some articles on the web.

First, I did:
# tar -czvf dbpkg.tgz /var/db/pkg
#pkgdb -F
It found cvsupit was broken with no fix for 3 months, I deleted it and
all it's dependencies.
# portversion
And upgraded all those that needed it.
Then I installed mc, popa3d, and lynx.
# Portinstall mc
# Portinstall popa3d
# Portinstall lynx
When I went to install bash2, it couldn't find it, so I installed it the
old way from the port.
# portinstall samba
(not smaba-devel)
It went interactive and prompted me for options, I selected with syslog
support.  I don't really know what I'm doing here, I've never had to
configure options in samba before: rpm -ivh samba*.rpm

Good so far?

Now when I reboot, I see messages about not being able to connect to the
cups server.
What's goin' on there?

Now on to staying up2date...
I've put a file in /usr/local/etc/periodic/daily to cvsup -g -L 2
I've created the file /usr/local/etc/cvsup/sup/ports-all/refuse and put
ports/INDEX in it.
That should give me a fresh update every night with the exception of the

I'm going to subscribe to freebsd-announce,

I'm going to keep running cvsup at intervals, and look for modifications
to the ports I've

When something needs updating I can do it individually or:

# cd /usr/ports
# make index       ( -or- portsdb -uU)
# portupgrade -Nia

Whew!  Is there anything else I should do or be aware of?


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