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Tue Aug 19 09:17:41 PDT 2003

On Tuesday 19 August 2003 10:45, yo _ wrote:
> I'm setting up a POP3/SMTP server (going to use qpopper/sendmail) for my
> community computer access center and i have little experience setting up a
> pop3 server (i have more experience setting up a private smtp relay
> server).
> My primary question is how can i set up user accounts strictly for POP3
> access without shell access, or even without the home directory set up. I
> was wondering if maybe (luckily and convieniently) adduser had an option
> for easy pop3 user set-up, but i didn't find any, then i thought that maybe
> i'd make a shell script to do all the restrictions automatically.
> I was also wondering if anyone knew how to do that check first/send after
> bit where users must first check their pop3 mailboxes before using the SMTP
> server to send mail out (i want to prevent just anyone from the internet
> from using the SMTP server). Any more comments/suggestions would also be
> greatly appreciated. Thank all of you in advance!
> -Rian Hunter

Hey Rian-

IN order to not have system accounts, you should look into virtual mailboxes. 
I would personally recommend going with this setup:

PostFix as the SMTP agent
Courier IMAP as the IMAP, plus POP server
MySQL as the virtual information store

some docs I got from Google:
	http://www.postfix.org/docs.html  also has some good stuff

The POP before send is a SASL setup, although I have never tried setting that 
up since I only mail from my internal network and don't need that.

Hopefully that's gets you going in the right directions.

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