Flood of infected emails

Charles Howse chowse at charter.net
Tue Aug 19 08:29:47 PDT 2003

Has anyone besides me been receiving a flood of infected emails?

All the emails have the same subject lines:

Thank you!
RE: That movie
RE: RE: My Details
RE: RE: My Details
RE: Details
RE: Wicked Screensaver
RE: Approved
RE: Your application

But are from different users.
I am also getting Mail Delivery Warnings from different postmasters
concerning "my" messages being undeliverable due to full mailboxes.
I am also getting msgs from servers warning me that "my" msg contained a

I can assure you that I am *NOT* sending infected email.

Norton Antivirus reports the following on each one of the emails:

Norton AntiVirus removed the attachment: <varies>.zlo.
The attachment was infected with the W32.Sobig.F at mm virus.

I have updated my virus sigs and scanned my system - it's clean.
I have powered off all non-essential computers.

Any information you can provide on this would be appreciated.
If there is any other information I can provide to you, I will be happy


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