Install of 4.8 hangs after recognising harddrives

Ville Lundberg kelso at
Mon Aug 18 11:56:19 PDT 2003


trying to install FreeBSD 4.8-release from cdrom media. I can boot from the
cd, and go to the graphic kernel configuration. After editing the kernel
conf, I save my changes and continue with the install. The probing starts
fine, but when reaching the recognising of the harddrives it hangs totally.
Keyboard stops responding, and so on. I left it on for more than an hour,
hoping it was just a probe going slow, but not.

It's a MSI-6330(Turbo)V3.0 motherboard with AMD processor, the first drive
is a Maxtor 30Gb, UDMA100 that is master and has windows on it. I installed
an old Maxtor 10Gb, UDMA66 drive as slave (on the same cable as the first
drive), that will be the home of FreeBSD. Windows recognises the drives
I tried to format the drive, unplug it and so on to check if the drive was
faulty, but it hangs after the hd recognition even with only my first drive
plugged in.
Any ideas? Couldn't find anything in the archives.

Ville Lundberg

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