how-to run javascript on my server

David Banning david at
Sun Aug 17 11:43:55 PDT 2003

> First of all.  Java and Java script are two different things. I take it 
> you use Java. Your Java applets don't run on the server but on the 
> client. The main problem from a server point of view is that you need 
> to make sure that the class files can be handed out by the webserver.
> You could check these thing:
> - Does your client Java installed?
> - Does your client the Java version installed that you use? (I.e you 
>   use commands of version 2.0 and you client has 1.2)
> - Does your client know how to get the class files?
> - Does your server hand them corretly out? (You could check 
>   /var/log/httpd-*.log if you use apache)
> As far for websites: is the main site you want to look at. 
> It has great tutorials, howtos and user support groups.

Thanks alot for your help Alex. I was able to get them running rather
easily. I just put the files in the web directly and the clients
-do- read them just fine. Thanks for your help.

For some reason I thought that I need the apache-jserv modules to be
loaded. I guess I don't. That still leaves me wondering what apache-jserv
"Servlet Engine" which exists in the ports -does-, but since I am already
where I need to be, I will read on that perhaps some other day.

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