SLRN in a gnome-terminal issue

Nicholas Wieland nicholas_wieland at
Sun Aug 17 03:47:10 PDT 2003

  I'm experiencing a very strange issue with Slrn and Gnome-Terminal
I'm used to have an icon on a gnome-panel that simply launch Slrn inside
a Gnome-Terminal, but I can't make it work ...
I can see a window flash up and disappear immediately.
If I open a Gnome-Terminal and start Slrn normally everything goes fine,
I've tried to start Slrn with --debug filename but 'filename' is empty,
I've tried 'ps ax|grep slrn' and I don't have any other Slrn process
With the same method (icon on gnome-panel) Mutt works fine.
Ideas ?
I hope this is the right ML for such questions, if not.. well,  sorry ... :)

Thanks in advance,

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