Submit new PR or Submit to an existing PR?

K Anderson freebsduser at
Sun Aug 17 02:27:21 PDT 2003

Hey folks,

Since I didn't get a response asking about the module already existing 
problem with miibus and if_ed I went and checked for a PR and found what 
that pretty much matches my problem. It is Problem Report kern/55279.

I would like to know if I should either submit a new PR or click on the 
old submit follow-up link?

Here's my reasoning to want to do the follow-up link:
I recently cvsup'd and rebuilt my diskless kernel which was also 
displaying at least the problem with miibus module existing error. But 
for some strange reason it stopped and now only the server complains 
about miibus and if_ed. Since both kernels where built on the same 
maching & use the same everything (with the exception of the diskless 
kernel runs on systems to be diskless workstations) with the exception 
of hardware (they do share the same libraries modules and what ever else 
clone_root copies). Of course miibus being the culprit here.


Should I submit a whole new PR with the contents of both kernel 
configuration files?

Thanks for your advice. Hopefully one way or the other I can get my 
kernel configurations to the hands of those that need them and they can 
determine why the sudden change.

On a different note. Somebody foobarred the rl driver to where it shows 
it is working but is more or less inoperable (ethereal was telling me it 
was receving invalid packets over the rl interface) I put my old kernel 
back and the rl interface is back to normal. Do you think this warrents 
a PR? Oh, and for giggles I rebuilt the kernel several times just to 
make sure it wasn't something funky.


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