Make popa3d listen on specific interface

Charles Howse chowse at
Sat Aug 16 11:01:50 PDT 2003

> > I could be way off on my logic, and my understanding of tcp/ip, so
> > correct me if I'm wrong.
> Not at all; you're dead on.  
> The only thing I'm trying to warn you about is that binding to a
> specific address is having a fairly small effect on your security in
> this case.  For belt-and-suspenders protection, you'd be somewhat 
> better off with a more sophisticated POP server which can bind to 
> the inside interface directly instead of just the address.

Well, I'm big on security, but not an expert.  On my XP Pro box, I run
Zone Alarm Pro for *outgoing* security, as well as being behind the
firewall.  On my Redhat 9 box, I have it configured for the security
suggestions in the "Linux Benchmark v1.0.0" on the Center for Internet
Security.  I also run Tripwire, and a custom
security report.

I'm not at all opposed to changing pop servers, I selected popa3d based
*only* on the 1-line description in the packages section of sysinstall.

Which one would you recommend?
Which is the *be-all, do-all, big-daddy* pop server in Packages? 

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