problem with Canon G3 and gtkam/ghpoto2

User Kondakov Roman roman at
Thu Aug 14 15:00:09 PDT 2003

I have gtkam-0.1.10 (from port), ghoto2 (port) and Canon G3 digital
camera. I connect camera to computer and 'usbdevs -v' say:
port 2 addr 2: self powered, config 1, Canon Digital Camera(0x306e),
Canon Inc.(0x04a9), rev 0.01

I run 'gphoto2 --auto-detect --debug' and it say:
1.504882 gphoto2-port(0): Could not find USB device (vendor 0x4a9,
product 0x306e). Make sure this device is connected to the computer.

Gtkam do not see this camera too.

uname -a:
4.8-STABLE FreeBSD 4.8-STABLE #3: Thu Aug 14 23:41:59 MSD 2003

What is wrong?
               With best regards

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