NTFS filesystem in hard, but: @/:write failed, filesystem is full@

K Anderson freebsduser at comcast.net
Sat Aug 16 10:42:10 PDT 2003

Denis wrote:
> Hi!
> Does anybody explain me why i can't install FreeBSD on new HDD?
> I have just NTFS hard drive formatted, but when i start freebsd install i see next:
> Probing devices (this can take a while)
> And next:
> /:write falied, filesystem is full
> What is it?
> What I must do next?
> Thanks.
> Denis.
Off the top of my head, I could be wrong here though.
If you haven't given up some space on that NTFS hard drive you are not 
going to get anywhere. By space I mean some unpartitioned area of the 
hard drive that will have enough free space to meet the demands of your 
freebsd install. You'll most likely need some sort of partioning utility 
to shrink a NTFS partition down.
The other possability is  you did make a partition (slice in FreeBSD 
parlance) and indeed ran out of space and all them bits were getting 
squished together and *poof* filled up your file system.
You'll need to make more room. I'm not sure how much space is required 
for a FreeBSD install, you can check the documentation for that, and 
then make a slice or slices the combined size you'll need. And don't 
forget about swap space.

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