Suggestions for best graphical mail client for freebsd?

Dragoncrest dragoncrest at
Sat Aug 16 09:16:49 PDT 2003

	I'm slowly completing my move from windows to freebsd and I want to try to 
start moving over mail.  Right now I use Kmail on my Freebsd machine, which 
is ok, but lacks in many areas.  On windows I used Eudora 5.2 and loved 
it.  I'm looking for something similar to that on Freebsd.  I've looked 
around and found Evolution, but it's too much like *shudder* Outlook 
*shudder* for my liking.  xPine is kinda cool too but not what I'm looking 
for.  Does anyone have any other suggestions for a graphical mail client I 
can use in X that will run under KDE 3.1?  I'm open to suggestions.

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