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John McDonnell gorgarath at
Fri Aug 15 08:02:03 PDT 2003

Ranish Partition Manager has become an actual boot loader as well. The
latest "beta" version supports any size hard drive with up to something
like 30 primary partitions. It, of course, has to store the additional
partition information in a seperate "Ranish Partition Manager" partition.
(Suggested size of the last complete cyl. or possibly last incomplete cyl.
though complete cyl. is recommended. 8MB partition is what I usually end up
with when I've used it.) You have the option then of installing a "default"
(M$), "Text", or "Compact" boot loader. I think the "Compact" bm is mostly
the same as the Text one, but I can't really remember all the details. I
never used Ranish for a boot loader.

Here's a link to a site describing how to set up a multi-boot using (an
older version of) Ranish:

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