Question on Creating Custom Release

Sudirman bin Hassan sudirman at
Wed Aug 13 21:03:33 PDT 2003

I've been trying to produce custom release for my univ lab uses.

I've manage to make release up to getting 2 disc - miniinst.iso and disc2.

What puzzle me are about packages to be included in miniinst to become
What's the most efficient way to create packages? What I'm doing now is
portupgrade -fvap
Second, when for splitting the packages to the discs. in and, we need to set $xdeps to XFree86 version.

My question is: since now FreeBSD install XFree from ports and no longer
the old ways, what value to be put there? by default $deps put 3.3.6.
should I make it 4.3.0_8?

My goal is to produce a CD that contain enough packages with automated
installation capability (install.cfg). This will make installation at lab
much easier.


- sudir

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