mergemaster clarification

Mike Maltese mike at
Tue Aug 12 19:49:54 PDT 2003

> it is precisely because i modified *many* files under /etc (like rc.conf,
> master.passwd, group, adduser.conf, XF86Config, fstab, gettytab, ttys,
> and on and on...) that i expected mergemaster to present me with more than
> just 4 files to compare (which were ppp.conf, motd, csh.cshrc, and one
> which i no longer recall).
> is this the expected behaviour?

Take a look through /usr/src/etc. These are the files that will potentially
be comapred. As an example, XF86Config isn't part of the base system, it is
created by the user and therefore has nothing to be compared to. The main
reason for there not being many files compared is probably that few, if any,
of these files have changed during the lifespan of the RELENG_4_8. If you
were to upgrade to 4.8-STABLE you would probably be presented with several
files for merging.

> [tks for your quick reply, mike.]

I'm no expert but I try to help when I can. =)

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