Boot Loaders

John McDonnell gorgarath at
Mon Aug 11 11:41:45 PDT 2003

From reading the handbook (well, skimming it for referances anyway) and
reading various posts on the mailing list, I believe I already know the
answer, but just want to clarify it. FreeBSD doesn't need a specialized
loader like Linux does. (i.e. Linux requires Lilo or now GRUB) And if you
really wanted to (though I don't know why you would) you can use XP's "boot
loader" to load FreeBSD. If I'm correct, then I'd also be able to use
something like XOSL, ( [ ] though it seems to no longer be
updated at all as far as I can tell. Neither there or at sourceforge. [ ] ) Ranish Partition Manager, [ ]
or any other boot loader available without haveing to do anything specific
to boot FreeBSD (other than tell it the correct partition to boot from of

If there are any other steps I'd have to take, please let me know.

John McDonnell
John D. McDonnell
Goroth Computing
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