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Darwin is a hack of several other operating systems..  Mac OS X code 
was mostly based on NetBsd in the first release.  Apple has been 
switching over to more FreeBSD code in each release.  Last time I 
looked into darwin, there was a page on apple's website discussing the 
topic.  I think there is a kb article discussing it in terns of Mac OS 
X as well.

As others have pointed out, the kernel is different. (Mach 3 kernel)

If you have a need for a BSD running on PPC.. check out NetBSD.

On Sunday, August 10, 2003, at 06:45  PM, Henry Keultjes wrote:

> Supposedly FreeBSD is the basis for Darwin.  Any idea why since 
> FreeBSD does not have a PowerPC port?
> Henry Keultjes
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