Joel Rees joel at alpsgiken.gr.jp
Mon Aug 11 00:26:46 PDT 2003

> Supposedly FreeBSD is the basis for Darwin. 

Just one of those urban legends. ;-)

Lessee, if I wander over to 


and look in the FAQ at


and browse through the introduction at


I find that there is a topic about the differences between the bsds:


and in that paragraph I find that there is a reference to a page that
talks about the bsd family tree,


and if I read that page I discover that there is a little discussion of
Mac OS X and Darwin. Apparently, Darwin is derived from the Mach kernel
and from all the bsds in various proportions.

> Any idea why

Good question. Who started that rumor?  :-P

> since FreeBSD 
> does not have a PowerPC port?

Sure it does. Just not anywhere near as stable as freeBSD for Sparc or
alpha or i386.

Back at 


I see that there are some hardware notes:


and in there I see there is a link below the list of platforms that have
released code, to platforms currently under development:


And in the list on that page:


Hmm. Says it's on the verge on booting to single-user mode. But
following the links around some more to the mailing list archives shows
this message from Peter Grehan:

    ... The system has been able to run multi-user on a limited number
    of NewWorld models for a while, although installation is not pretty.


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