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paul beard paulbeard at mac.com
Sun Aug 10 13:28:00 PDT 2003

Jeremy D. Pavleck wrote:
> Greetings All,
>  I initially tried to install FreeBSD something like 4 years ago and
> failed miserably, and went to linux. (Hardware wasn't completely
> compatible with FreeBSD).
>  Recently my Debian server motherboard died on me, prompting me to prepare
> a list of new parts for a new box. Because I still use FreeBSD everyday
> (diffrent server) and the whole SCO thing, I want to try again to setup a
> freebsd box. 
>  To make sure I don't have a compatibility problem, I'd appreciate it if
> someone would look at this "wish list" 
> http://secure.newegg.com/app/WishR.asp?ID=385191
> And tell me if, in your opinion, all of these parts would be compatible
> with FBSD 5.1. (Of course, I'm mainly concerned about the MB - it's an all
> in one solution, and the NIC)

Why go with 5.1? Try 4.8 for now and get used to FreeBSD. 5.2 will 
  be ready when you are.

Paul Beard
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