Quick Question

Jeremy D. Pavleck judge at Pavleck.Com
Sun Aug 10 10:37:12 PDT 2003

Greetings All,
 I initially tried to install FreeBSD something like 4 years ago and
failed miserably, and went to linux. (Hardware wasn't completely
compatible with FreeBSD).
 Recently my Debian server motherboard died on me, prompting me to prepare
a list of new parts for a new box. Because I still use FreeBSD everyday
(diffrent server) and the whole SCO thing, I want to try again to setup a
freebsd box. 
 To make sure I don't have a compatibility problem, I'd appreciate it if
someone would look at this "wish list" 


And tell me if, in your opinion, all of these parts would be compatible
with FBSD 5.1. (Of course, I'm mainly concerned about the MB - it's an all
in one solution, and the NIC)

 Thanks in advance,

Jeremy D. Pavleck
jeremy at pavleck.com

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