Think outside of the box (Gawd, I hate that term)

Matt Heath matt at
Sun Aug 10 00:59:23 PDT 2003

don't worry, we're working on it

Theo occasionally pops by to comp.os.plan9 (last time to "discuss" licences)
(he coverts the plan9 compilers)

plan9 is an OS research platform

some of it's tools have been kind of back-ported to the unix likes
(wily, 9wm)

I use plan9 as my development platform as it is a delight to use.

Don't expect eye candy, it is an OS to get work done.


>Guys (and gals)
>	As great as the *BSD's are - why are we not thinking ahead of the curve? 
>Outside of the box? What do I mean? Well - why not develope our OS's to run 
>on an arch. that isn't out yet - MAKE that new arch. just like Gates did so 
>many years ago. He defined the x86 market - why can't we do the same?
>	With all the thinkers out there (Jordan, Theo) wouln't that be thebetter way 
>to go? 
>Just a thought - and willing to confess, I have zero clue how to get there. 
>But, we need to get there.

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