ISPs blocking SMTP connections from dynamic IP address space

Mykroft Holmes IV mykroft at
Fri Aug 8 22:25:39 PDT 2003

dick hoogendijk wrote:
> On 08 Aug Mykroft Holmes IV wrote:
>>Just because you have a highspeed connection with a stable or static
>>IP doesn't mean it's not dynamic. Dynamic simply means assigned by
>>DHCP or RADIUS (For dialup and some DSL). If you're in this space you
>>should be relaying through your ISP's mailserver. 90% of people in
>>this space are precluded from running server daemons by their AUP
> A *typical* American way of thinking. Hey guys, you're not gods. The
> world is larger than just the US. Al lot of ISP's in Holland allow to
> run servers on their dynamic space (IF you config them right, that is)

I'm not American. Funny That. Just because you can run servers on IP 
space tagged dynamic doesn't mean you should (And anyways, this only 
affects outgoing SMTP servers.)

> It's just fucking wrong to cut these people off running decent servers,
> just because they can't (or are not willing) to affort a T1.

Get DSL on non-Dynamic space. It's available, in fact that's what I'm on 
myself. From an ISP with major operations in Holland (Our European NOC 
is in Amsterdam)

> It's an easy statement to say you "should relay through your ISP
> mailserver" just because that is true in the States. Again: the world is
> larger than that. Don't exclude yourself pretending you control all.

>>Never read a header? Most of that so called 'Hotmail' or 'AOL' spam
>>doesn't come from either, it either comes from overseas or that
>>'Dynamic' space you're defending
> Fake hotmail adresses are easely blocked. See what I mean. They come
> "from overseas.." Jesus, as if all bad things come from everyplace on
> earth except the states.

Well, considering that Hotmail is an American based service, and the 
vast majority of faked Hotmail headers seem to come out of either 
dynamic space or Russian, Korean or Chinese space. Once again, read what 
I said. Faked Hotmail or AOL spam usually either comes from Dynamic IP 
space, or from foreign (Russian, Korean, Chinese) space. And since both 
are american-based services, this is a valid origination.

>>If you've got a business connection and a 'Dynamic' IP, complain to
>>your ISP. Blocking 'Dynamic' space and thus the multitude of idiots
>>with exploited windoze boxes on their cable/DSL connection is quite
>>effective, probably more than using spews (Which is notorious for
>>blocking non-offenders)
> Ever wondered how many of these folks run linux or FreeBSD servers on
> this so called 'dynamic space' You bloat about exploited windows
> machines and 'forget' about the rest of us running decent servers.
> I don't know many people running a windows mailserver; I DO know quite
> some folks running a *BSD (unix/linux) one.

Problem is that there is a hundred exploited windows boxes for each 
person with clue (And those boxes are usually not intended as mail 
servers). And the world isn't exactly lacking in exploited unix installs.

>>You don't have as much control as you think, this is just adding one
>>extra hop into the usual 2-3 hops that your mail is going to take
>>anyways. If you can't live with that, get a T1.
> Wrong attitude, dude.

No. You want to do things right, get the right gear.

>>Get another ISP then.
> This one too.

>>I suggest you rethink your position.
> Wake up, get a life outside the states.
  Been living outside the states all my life. Just because I don't buy 
your cop-out doesn't make me a big bad american. Funny how you are so 
eager to blame my position on my nationality, while I never indicated 
anything about it. Once again, why don't you look in the mirror. Seems 
you're the person being bigoted about nationality.


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