why is php4.3.3rc2 the latest version in ports?

r-militante at northwestern.edu r-militante at northwestern.edu
Fri Aug 8 20:19:18 PDT 2003

hi all

i had to cvsup my ports tree make deinstall && make clean install
/usr/ports/www/mod_php4 today so i could recompile php for  gdlib
support.  this process updated my version of php from 4.3.1 to 4.3.3rc2.  
we use pdflib commands pretty frequently on our site, and pdflib5x
(pdflib was also upgraded in this process) is not supported in
php4.3.3rc2.  pdflib version 4.0.1 is also broken in the latest ports tree.

many pages on our site were rendered useless, generated error messages,
etc. because of the broken pdflib support in php4.3.3rc2.  i had to find
a way to downgrade my version of php back to 4.3.1 from 4.3.3rc2 in order 
to fix it, which resulted in unhappy users for a couple of hours while i
figured out how to downgrade...

i should have done my research, i admit, before trying to upgrade.  but - 
why is 4.3.3rc2 - a *release candidate* the latest version of php in the
ports tree?  i'm running 4.8-RELEASE, and my ports-supfile looks like

*default host=cvsup7.FreeBSD.org
*default base=/usr
*default prefix=/usr
*default release=cvs tag=.
*default delete use-rel-suffix

is my supfile ok?  i'm wondering if my supfile is wrong for what should
be a production machine.  i didn't think basically experimental ports
would be allowed in the latest ports tree...  i'm a n00b, so if i'm way
off base, please feel free to enlighten me...


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