growfs how-to?

Scott Reese sreese at
Fri Aug 8 10:59:35 PDT 2003

On Fri, 2003-08-08 at 17:51, Lowell Gilbert wrote:
> Scott Reese <sreese at> writes:
> > My old 20G drive in my 5.1-RELEASE box started to die last week, so I
> > got a new drive (a 40G Seagate) and used Norton Ghost to copy over
> > everything from the old drive to the new drive.  At the moment, FreeBSD
> > still thinks I've only got a 20G drive and I have 20 Gigs of unused
> > space.  I was thinking of using growfs in order to grow my /usr
> > partition to fill the rest of the drive.  I've read the man pages for
> > growfs, bsdlabel and fdisk but I'm a bit confused about how I should go
> > about using these tools to do what I want as I've never really used them
> > before except on a new installation.  So here are my questions:  how
> > safe is it to use growfs for this purpose?  Can anyone provide or does
> > anyone know of a good step-by-step tutorial for this sort of thing?  I
> > searched around on the web but couldn't find anything useful.
> This is the type of thing it's for.  It's a pretty simple interface,
> so I don't know how much more of a "how-to" you could get than the
> manual already provides...

Then perhaps I'm just dense or I said, I've read the
man pages for all the tools involved, but they are short on practical
examples.  From what I've read so far, I would need to re-label the
slice to a larger size (?) and then use newfs to format the unused
portion (?) and *then* use growfs.  I don't have any experience actually
doing any of these things on a live system.  If I had examples laid out
in a step-by-step format, then I would have a better understanding of
what I'm supposed to do.  The man pages read like stereo instructions
and I just want to avoid the possibility that I'll have pieces left over
and a nice, fresh, *blank* hard drive when I'm done.  The step that
scares me most is messing with the disklabels...


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