are all dsl modems the same?

Ronan Lucio ronanl at
Thu Aug 7 12:41:00 PDT 2003


> I guess what I'm really wondering is, if my existing connection
> is PPPoE using a Gnet BB0040, then what modems would be compatible,
> or alternatively what question would I ask the reseller in terms
> of protocol?

I thing you shouldn't have problem with PPPoE connections
because allmost all ADSL modems support PPPoE.

The modem there we have in the most enterprise clients without
problem is the Alcatel Speed Touch Pro working as a bridge.

We alse have many DLink modems in the home clients without
problem and we also have a enterprise client with a 3Com
Office Connect working as a router with ports redirect.

Well, I realy can't teel you if it's working fine, but
the client don't have complain about this. So, I think it's OK... :-)

PS: You can ask your provider what modem he indicate.


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